What is a ' Study Buddy'?
      American schools often use a 'buddy system' in the elementary grades.  Two children cross the street together, sit together at lunch, help each other at their lessons, and play together on the playground.  This is a good way to keep the children safe and organized.
     Older students in higher grades have study partners, or 'lab partners'.  They work together on assignments, laboratory projects, and share ideas.
      Most schools also provide tutors for students who need extra help.  The tutor may be an older student or a teacher who explains the schoolwork and helps the student find the correct answers.
   AV Study Buddies will be two VV members, of similar experience level, who will help each other with the homework, and have fun sharing their AV growing experiences. 
     An AV Mentor will be assigned to a member of less experience, who has asked for help.  The mentor will answer any questions, and in general, also share the experience of growing AVs.
     Buddy assignments are for the length of the AV School only, unless the individuals wish to continue their friendships.  No Buddy assignments are final. We will do our best to match up members who will enjoy the experience.  If you ask for a different Buddy, we may be able to find another.
   Please submit the following form:

I would like to be an AV Study Buddy!

I want to make a friend!  I would enjoy a Buddy of the same experience level.
I have many questions!  I need a Mentor with more experience.
I volunteer to be an AV Mentor!  I would be willing to partner with a buddy of lesser experience.
Surprise me!  I would enjoy any AV Study Buddy!

My approximate experience level is:

Email address: 
Suggested Buddy (optional): 

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