Let's Go Back To School....
Are you new to African violets?
     Maybe you have one plant on your windowsill.
     Or do you have several hundred plants and judge AV shows?
      Every person reading this will have a different level of experience.  Some feel very confident in all areas of the AV hobby and have show ribbons to prove they can grow beautiful plants.  Others feel real fear when faced with a pot of babies that need separating into individual pots.
African Violet School!
    This AV School will be based upon the motto "Discovering Endless Enjoyment in African Violets".
      We hope to provide encouragement to the shy, confidence to the uncertain, and surprises for the jaded.  The lessons will cover 'old things for new growers' and 'new things for old growers'.
     It will not matter if you have one violet or hundreds.  Maybe you enjoy 'letting them do their own thing'.  Or you may 'train' and 'prune' your plants on a rigid schedule.  The one thing EVERY African violet grower has in common with other AV growers is that he or she gets much enjoyment from these small plants.  This school will focus on 'enjoyment' while stimulating everyone to 'think' and discover.
     The most unusual thing about this school is that YOU will be the professor for this course!  Research and reading material will be provided to stimulate your mind.  Homework and hands-on activities will provide opportunity to practice and experiment.  But it is up to YOU what grade your work will earn!
     Will you be a professor who encourages new ideas and rewards hard work?  Or will you let yourself sleep through class and hand in incomplete homework?
     Of course, you may find yourself in a situation where you do not have time to do all the work in this school.  PLEASE read all the material.  Print the lessons.  Make note of the homework questions, and think about the answers --- as you are driving to work, or drifting off to sleep.  Read and study the homework submitted by other students.  You will find the time well spent.
How to participate:
    There are two ways to participate in this school.  You can be a full-time enrolled student or an observer.
    (1)  If you sign in to the Roll Call for AV School Students on The Violet Voice, you will be able to submit homework and share your experiences with other students.  You will also be able to ask questions, suggest new lesson topics, and contribute articles to be part of future lessons.
     (2)  You may simply read along with the full time students.  You are not required to 'sign up' to read the lessons.
      Even for 'enrolled' students, no homework assignments are REQUIRED!  You will not be 'expelled' if you are unable to complete every assignment.  If you begin and then are unable to finish under our schedule, you are welcome to submit your assignments at a later time, or not at all.
   PLEASE READ LESSON ONE before you decide this course is 'too complicated' or 'too simple'!  Visit the Schedule page for links to Lesson One.

What is AV School: 
     This AV School will consist of 5 lessons.  Each lesson will contain several reading assignments.  Next, there will be two sections;   one for beginners and one for advanced growers.  Each section will contain reference material and one or two homework assignments.  You will be given two or three weeks to complete the reading and homework assignments.  There will be several quizzes and a final test.  Any student sending us a completed Progress Report will receive a diploma.
   All students are reminded that not only are you acting as your own guide through this AV School, you are also teaching other students!  By submitting your homework, you are giving other AV growers, newbies or oldies, wonderful examples to learn from.
     Mistakes and accidents are as valuable as success and perfection!  A beginner too shy to speak up about a problem may find an answer in your description of a mistake you made.  It is very reassuring to realize other people have the same questions as yourself!  A story of success may encourage someone to keep trying or provide inspiration for an advanced grower to write an article or begin an experiment.
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