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Updated 11/2/2012

The Joy of Houseplants
November 15, 29, and December 6, 2012
7:00 p.m. in the high school biology room
 Call the Chinook High School Office to register.

   "The original class is part of the Fall 2012 Chinook High School's Adult Ed Program. Lessons will appear here in the week following the local class.
COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Houseplants may be a source of joy, or the cause of headaches!  I am assuming you already have an interest in houseplants;  now I want to show you how to LOVE them!

Lesson #1 --- Discovering The World of Houseplants and How They Grow
Lesson #2 ---  Improving Their Care (Culture Tips)
Lesson #3 --- Two Most Important P's:  Problems and Propagation

Weekly Lessons
Date Class Held Locally
Handouts online the following week
  Lesson One
November 15
Lesson One Notes
  Lesson Two
November 29
Lesson Two Notes
Lesson Three
December 6
Lesson Three Notes

DISCLAIMER:   These lessons are 'for fun' and to share my enthusiasm for these fascinating plants.  I make no claim to be an 'expert'.  No effort has been made to completely cover entire subjects in each lesson, and everyone is reminded that house plants may be grown by many diverse methods.  This course is for personal use only and 'for fun'.  All text remains property of Mrs. John Stout and may be used for personal use only.   Use for clubs, publications, and demonstrations with permission and credit to author.