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The Joy of Houseplants    NEW     11/2012
Notes from a local Adult Ed class by Mrs. John Stout

AV Photography Lessons 
Lessons by Mrs. John Stout 
Hybridizing In The Fast Lane
Lessons by Ryan Ferre 
Grow To Show  NEW     1/2013
Lessons by Mrs. John Stout 
Starting Leaves In Gel2Root
plus link to photo albums with step by step demonstrations
by Jana Strathmann 
AV School
beginner through advanced lessons 
with various authors -- just the introductory lesson, more to come!
 For More Information On African Violet Culture:
Newbie Nook
The Newbie's Nook
with pages by Alana Cunningham, Nancy Robitaille, and Fred C Hill

Also visit the articles of AV Information on:
The Violet Voice forum
The Violet Voice

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